The flagship publication of the CSPS is the California Quarterly, which  it has published continually since 1972. We accept poems literally from around the world. The California Quarterly is published four times a year and only accepts unpublished poetry.  Foreign language poems need an English translation.

One page poems work best, and two-page is the maximum size. There are no theme or style restrictions, though some editors prefer to ask for poems on a theme of their choice.

Submit 1 to 5 poems in a single .doc or docx file labeled with Poet Last Name, Poet First Name, Number of poems and Date submitted.

Each poetry page in the file should start with a header containing the following poet information: Name (last name first), Mail Address, e-mail, Telephone, Date submitted.  Poem Title should appear on each page of poem.

Notification is sent in 3-5 months. Payment is one copy of the CQ and all rights remain with the poet.

Poems considered for a given issue are generally collected during the previous calendar quarter. Send only one set of at most five (5) poems per calendar quarter.


Please submit your poems online, using, and the following link:

You might want to share information about acceptance of your poems on our FB Group: 


If you do not have access to Submittable or experience serious computer troubles, you can submit hard-copy of your poems, by mailing a set of poems to our Post Office Box:

CQ Editors
Post Office Box 4288
Sunland, California 91041-4288

 Requirements for the print submissions are as follows:
  • Name, address, telephone number, and email address, on each page of your submission
  • One-page poems are best, but an 80-line (two-page) maximum in any case
  • Either email address or a SASE with sufficient US postage (whether domestic or foreign) for requested response(s) if you mail your submission and don't provide an email address in your contact information
  • No biographies or résumés, as only the poems are judged
  • The poems must be the original, unpublished work of the poet
  • Foreign language poems must be accompanied by translations into English
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please notify us at once if your submission is accepted for publication elsewhere
  • Poems are not returned, so keep copies if you submit through the Post Office Box! 

The California Quarterly is edited by a group of  five poets, each responsible for one issue, on a rotating schedule, so each editor works on her issue every 15 months.  Currently, the editors include: Bory Thach, Terry Ehret, Maura Harvey, Margaret Saine, and Maja Trochimczyk. The Editor has the exclusive responsibility for the content of the CQ, including the selection and order of poems, selection of artwork for the cover (with advice from the Art Panel), and correspondence with poets. In accordance with the Bylaws, there can be a maximum of eight editors.

Issue Editors

Terry Ehret, Maura Harvey

Margaret Saine, Maja Trochimczyk

Bory Thach 

The recent and forthcoming editorial schedule is as follows:
  • Spring 2018, 44:1 - Maja Trochimczyk
  • Summer 2018, 44:2 - Pearl Karrer
  • Autumn 2018, 44:3 - Terry Ehret
  • Winter 2018, 44: 4 - Margaret Saine
  • Spring 2019, 45:1 - Maura Harvey
  • Summer 2019, 45:2 - Nancy Cavers Dougherty
  • Autumn 2019, 45:3 - Maja Trochimczyk
  • Winter 2019, 45: 4 - Pearl Karrer
  • Spring 2020, 46:1 - Margaret Saine
  • Summer 2020, 46:2 - Maura Harvey
  • Autumn 2020, 46:3 - Terry Ehret
  • Winter 2020, 46:4 - Maja Trochimczyk
  • Spring 2021, 47:1 - Bory Thach


CQ welcomes submissions of unpublished original art for its covers. Submit the art as a JPEG attachment with a resolution of 300 dots/inch or better to print an image 5” high x 3.75” wide, one image at a time.

CSPS reserves the right to post selected artwork on its website. Submissions can be made through this page of the website or as attachments to emails to the Chair - Art Panel link on the Contact Us page.


Order extra or sample copies of the CQ through the CQs page on the CSPS website ( or send $10/copy to:

Maja Trochimczyk, President
PO Box 4288
Sunland CA 91041-4388

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