Thursday, June 13, 2019

Call for Submissions for Poems about Gratitude, Harvest, Fruit for CQ 45 No. 3

The fall issue of the California Quarterly will be dedicated to poems about gratitude, harvest (in a positive sense), fruit, fruition, maturity, wisdom...  As the editor I (Maja Trochimczyk) decided to add a theme to create a focus for the issue. I do one every two years or so, and having a theme seems like more fun.

All submissions are due by June 30, 2019, using Submission instructions are below:

More information about the editor, CSPS Acting President is here:

Here are some Thanksgiving and Harvest poems that I found:

And here's a silly poem about eating pears:

A Pear in a Tree 

In a fruit orchard
By the sandy path
I climbed a pear tree
To watch the road
Melt into the horizon

I ate a golden pear
Juice stained my dress
My day dream of white
softness cut short
by the buzzing of wasps

They, too, longed for
The fruity sweetness
Of warm summer pears
They, too, dreamed
Of endless sunlight.

(c) 2012 by Maja Trochimczyk

Or if one pear is not enough, perhaps a Box of Peaches?

A Box of Peaches

You locked your Wisdom in a gilded box
Placed dainty copper flowers
Where metal bars cross, to hold them

You made a window for Compassion
To look out onto the silent world
Glowing with the Unseen

Would the talisman of the Smiling One
In your pocket save you? Draw luck
To your game of cards?

Let it be. Let the ancient words fall
On a carpet of bronze petals on your path
Dappled with tree shadows

Walk slowly through the magic
Orchard filled with an avalanche of peaches,
Ripening in scarlet sunrays

Stoop down to pick one, feel its warmth
In your hand, taste the mellow richness
Beneath the fuzzy, wrinkled skin

Say to no one in particular
The sun maybe, or the tree, or this late hour –
Thank you, yes, thank you very much

© 2011 by Maja Trochimczyk

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