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California Quarterly on ZOOM - 46:1 Spring 2020 Edited by Margaret Saine, Oct 4 at 4:30 pm


Topic: CSPS Reading from California Quarterly 46:1, Ed. Margaret Saine

Time: Oct 4, 2020 04:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Manoscritto di una vita 2018 (Manuscript of a Lifetime) by Enzo Patti

With a beautiful cover featuring Manoscritto di una vita 2018 (Manuscript of a Lifetime) by Enzo Patti, this issue is a joy to behold. Congratulations to all the poets. And thanks to Margaret Saine for tirelessly translating poems from so many languages and connecting the California Quarterly to the whole world of poetry and poets.

This presentation is partly sponsored by the Dignity Health Foundation, through a grant for "Close to Nature" Project for Phoenix Houses of Los Angeles, with the California State Poetry Society as one of the collaborating partners. 


Ah, the good news, in the plural! David Sapp, 2018 grant recipient of the Ohio Arts Council,
writes: “Thank you so much for publishing ‘Tree Frog’ in the California Quarterly. I am enjoying other portions of your wonderful publication. What a handsome issue!”

Hey, and which is David Sapp’s praised issue? I search high and low, because we don’t have a
cumulative alphabetical CQ poetry index yet, alas. It was my last issue, 44:4, he praised! And did not complain one peep about the translations, which I love doing. So I am doubly proud.

And here is a comment from another contributor: Terrence Sykes: ”Ute Margaret Saine, many thanx to you again for both my appear- ances in this little gem of a journal... I open the pages and read words of my friends from across the USA and around the world and many I don’t know, yet we are poetically kin.”

Yes, poetry’s long, embracing arms reach around the world, like a huge, loving octopus; poets talk to each other, no longer just whis- tling via Paris and New York, but across the globe. That’s what we want, don’t we?

Love and thanks to all the lovers of poetry!


Don’t hesitate to email me, at, about anything.

Margaret Saine                                              
Irvine, California                                        

Nascita del Due del Libro e della Poesia, by Enzo Patti


California Quarterly, Volume 46, Number 1, Spring 2020
  1. de Agua Salada - Mario Zúñiga Núñez 7
  2. from Salt Water - Margaret Saine,Tr. 7
  3. Italy Meets Ivory Coast - Kalyna Temertey-Canta 8
  4. Dejaste un papel amarillo... - Javier Campos 9
  5. You left a yellow paper... - Margaret Saine,Tr. 9
  6. Love in a Field of Miners’ Lettuce - Susan E. Gunter 10
  7. Fata Morgana in a Field of Tarweed - Dave Seter 11
  8. Dusk - Aidan Coleman 12
  9. World of Dreams - Alessio Zanelli 13
  10. View from the Ranch - Alice Pero 14
  11. “golden leaves fluttering birds...” - Rebecca Anne Banks 14
  12. Not Mine to Shape -  David Anderson 15
  13. Interlude in the Trader Joe’s... -  Joanne Jagoda 16
  14. Hiking After the Dinner Party - Chris Foster 17
  15. Milton’s Fluid - d.p. houston 17
  16. Мигът - Alexander Shurbanov 19
  17. Moment - Alexander Shurbanov, Tr. 19
  18. What’s Inside - Beth S. Pollak 20
  19. I Was Wild Once - Gwynn O’Gara 21
  20. Elevator -  Cathy Porter 22
  21. Men at Work - Tasha Cotter 23
  22. Kite  - Clarke Andros 24
  23. Recuerdo - Alejandra Castellanos 25
  24. Memory - Margaret Saine, Tr. 25
  25. The Moon Is an Egret - Michael Montgomery 26
  26. Melancholie - Karl Greisinger 27
  27. Melancholy - Margaret Saine, Tr. 27
  28. Committees - David Pratt 28
  29. Home Front: A Remembrance - Jean Esteve 29
  30. Politicians - Pande Manoylov 30
  31. Del Origen - Otoniel Guevara 31
  32. About the Origin - Margaret Saine, Tr. 31
  33. No Cure - Claire Scott 32
  34. The Road of Love - Timothy Fab-Eme 33
  35. Armonia - Rita Stanzione 34
  36. Harmony - Margaret Saine, Tr. 34
  37. Stars Behind Your Eyes - Susan Richardson 35
  38. Impara la tua arte... Claudia Russo 36
  39. Learn your art... Margaret Saine, Tr. 37
  40. Alertos emergen los verdes - Jeanie R. C. Toscano 38
  41. Alert the greens emerge - Margaret Saine, Tr. 39
  42. Epithalamion - John Blair 40
  43. definitorio - Elizabeth Soto 41
  44. in lieu of a definition - Margaret Saine, Tr. 41
  45. Snowmelt - Marianne Karplus 42
  46. A Second Look - John Schneider 42
  47. Do the Garden Snails Know? - Lane Larson 43
  48. de la utilidad de la poesía II - Eliécer Almaguer 44
  49. on the usefulness of poetry II - Margaret Saine, Tr. 45
  50. Sculpture - Lisa Shirley 46
  51. Vision - Matthew J. Spireng 47
  52. The Dame Who Marks Time - Marie Lecrivain 48
  53. My Hollow Window - Marilynn Talal 49
  54. Paying the Ferryman - Ruth Holzer 50
  55. Door - Benjamin Nash 51
  56. Mom & the Bridge - Kristin Lawrence 52
  57. Wish - Patricia Nelson 53
  58. When... Donald Fisher 54
  59. Last Pomegranate - Maja Trochimczyk 55
  60. Hai bevuto una spremuta - Terry Olivi 56
  61. You drank a freshly squeezed - Margaret Saine, Tr. 57
  62. Agonies of Sand - Savita Singh 58

Appunti di viaggio, by Enzo Patti (2018)



Ute Margaret Saine was born in Germany. After a Yale Ph.D. in French and Spanish, she taught languages, literature, and culture in California and Arizona, as well as writing and translating poetry in five languages. Since 1991, she has been a board member of the CSPS and a CQ editor since 1994. She also edits the CSPS Poetry Letter, now on the CSPS website, and formerly served twice as the CQ Annual Contest Chair. For ten years, until June 2019, she gathered all submissions from the Orange PO Box, distributing them to editors. 

Her poems have appeared in many journals here and abroad. She has published five books of poetry in English – Bodyscapes, Words of Art, Lit Angels, Gardens of the World  and A Book of Travel– as well as six haiku chapbooks in five languages. Four books of poems and a postwar childhood memoir have been published in Germany – Das Flüchtige bleibt (The Ephemeral Remains); Das Weite suchen (A Yen to Travel); Atem der Stille (The Breath of Silence); Ein Lied davon (Same Old Song); and Ungeschicktes Kind (Awkward Child). Searching for Bridges is a bilingual English-Arabic book of her poems edited by Palestinian poet and critic Nizar Sartawi. Saine’s poems in Italian are to be published in 2020. She has edited many CQ issues, most recently vol. 44, No. 4.

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